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Taurus g2c for sale

Maxpreciseshot brings you the Taurus G2C, a 9mm handgun that is perfect for concealed carry. With its lightweight design and slim profile, this gun fits comfortably and securely in holsters and won’t add extra bulk to your wardrobe. The three-dot sight system offers excellent accuracy even in low light conditions, while the double-action/single-action trigger provides a smooth and consistent pull. The ergonomic grip design fits comfortably in your hands, making it easy to hold onto during long periods of shooting. Additionally, the Taurus G2C is engineered to be low maintenance and reliable—and with its stainless-steel slide construction and Melonite® finish, you can rest assured that this gun will last for years to come. Invest in the G2C, and get ready for your next shooting adventure. This gun is sure to exceed your expectations!


• Lightweight design

• Slim profile

• Three-dot sight system

• Double-action/single-action trigger

• Ergonomic grip design

• Stainless-steel slide construction

• Melonite® finish for durability and reliability.

• Low maintenance and reliable

No matter what your shooting needs may be, the G2C is an ideal choice. With its intuitive design and dependable construction, this gun is sure to become your go-to sidearm for years to come.

Where is Taurus g2c made?

The Taurus G2C is proudly made in the USA. Invest in this gun and get ready to take your shooting game to the next level. You won’t be disappointed! Buy the G2C today and get ready to hit the range. Maxpreciseshot has you covered. With our fast shipping and affordable prices, you can be sure that you’re getting the best deal on the market.

What magazines are compatible with G2C?

The Taurus G2C is compatible with the 12-round and 15-round 9mm magazines. Stock up now and get ready to hit the range!

How to clean a g2c

Cleaning your Taurus G2C is easy! First, make sure the gun is unloaded and the chamber is clear. Then, use a soft cloth to wipe down the exterior of the gun using a non-abrasive cleaner. Once you’ve done that, take out the slide and clean all of its components with a cleaning solution and brush. Finally, use a dry cloth to wipe away any excess residue and oil. With just a few simple steps, your G2C will be good as new!

Where to buy Taurus g2c online?

Maxpreciseshot is the best place to buy the Taurus G2C online. We offer fast shipping and unbeatable prices, so you can be sure that you’re getting a great deal. Plus, our team of experts is always here to help with any questions or concerns you may have. Don’t miss out.


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