Max Precise Shot! was founded in 2001, and its first catalog of shooting and outdoor goods was issued in 2002. In 2005, the internet shopping era came, and Max Precise Shot was the first company in the industry to get on board and launch an online shopping website. Yes, it wasn’t quite what it is now, but it did allow customers to shop at their leisure and reduced the need to call and place an order with a sales professional over the phone. This tiny mail order company blossomed into a top internet retailer selling things that appealed to shooting and outdoor enthusiasts as the business grew and expanded.

In their Fresno site, Max Precise Shot now employs a large number of enthusiastic employees. The team is working toward a common goal: to deliver outstanding service to our customers as well as the products they require and want at the best possible price.

Why should you buy from Max Precise Shot? Our industry specialists will answer all of your inquiries and provide you with competitive market pricing, lightning-fast shipping, and exceptional customer service. Max Precise Shot has become a household name as a result of our significant marketing efforts, which include shipping millions of catalogs each year and receiving millions of monthly visitors to our website. The variety of products available spans numerous categories, with hundreds of thousands of items in stock and ready to ship right now.

It’s Less Expensive Max Precise! More than just an internet shop, America’s Ultimate Shooting Sports Discounter provides a forum for enthusiasts to debate current events, goods, and more. First-time buyers can make informed purchasing decisions thanks to the shared information and trained staff. Our expertise lies on our industry understanding, quick response time to market changes, timely shipping, and excellent customer service.